Carmen Joanne Ablack


UKCP registered & accredited psychotherapist

       UKCP & HIPC recognised supervisor and training supervisor (Directory of Supervisors)

       Training and Organisational Development Consultancy


Where we can work together and fees information

In North London (N8) Hornsey and Turnpike Lane area, I offer relationship / couple, small group and individual psychotherapy, clinical and non-managerial supervision and coaching services. I may be able to offer services in NW1 for clients with access difficulties - this necessarily costs a little more as room fees are involved. You can contact me here

Please note I currently am not taking on individual psychotherapy clients.

I currently am offering supervision, groupwork, couples and relationship therapy face-to-face

Exception is the supervision groups offered on-line.

Fees are on a sliding scale and reviewed every couple of years, my fees increase by a small amount (2-5 pounds) every few years. You choose the fee appropriate to your income; there is a set discount rate for all students and trainees (not just therapy trainees and students); please ask me about this when we have our initial discussion.


If you wish to contact me as an Organisational Development Consultant or Trainer, as a couples-relationship and group Mediator or as an individual, couples and group Coach then please click on the relevant label on the left for more details. Sliding scales operate for these activities also dependent on income and sector, please ask me about this when we speak together initially.

How we can work together potentially

I am a well-trained and long-standing UKCP accredited registrant psychotherapist, my clinical approach is described as Integrative, Gestalt and (Integral-Relational) Body Psychotherapy. I see potential clients and supervisees for an initial paid session as the best means of us meeting and discussing your needs and the possibilities of us working together.  It is also when we finalise our contract together. (Please read my contract on this site).

My methods and attitude actively engage your experience, aimed at opening up dialogue and co-learning through use of a wide and creative array of therapeutic interventions, depth psychological understandings and experience: including here & now and here & then methodologies from integrative psychotherapy, body psychotherapy, gestalt psychology and psychotherapy, and existential understandings, among other influences from attachment based theories, systemic therapy, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic fields of study.

I pay attention to empathic attunement, understanding, sense and meaning-making and co-learning through our therapy relationship dynamics. Coming to me for your therapy may involve working with touch or no touch, movement, breathing, creative experimentation, 'imaginal' exploration or visualisation techniques, as well as a variety of talking methodologies. I work towards us experiencing an embodiment of what is being said by us in words, behaviours and in our silences in between. I hold an understanding and experiencing of integration of relational perspectives with both body-mind awareness and the body of our work together being central.  These help inform and develop towards an embodied intersubjective engagement in the therapeutic or supervisory relationship that we would be creating together. 

Compatibility and Risk:

I will look at any potential risks for you from working within my approach, for example some forms of intervention may not be suitable for you, and thus my therapeutic work will be adapted to meet your specific needs. However, should risk and compatibility assessment show that a different approach or therapist may be of more benefit for you currently, then I will discuss this with you and support you to find a therapist who can meet your needs. I hold this consideration as an important ethical stance as a psychotherapist and as a responsible professional working with members of the public.

I regularly undertake supervision, continued professional development courses, workshops, seminars and other self-reflective and self-reflexive activities as part of my personal professional practice development.

I am an accredited and registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

I am an accredited full clinical member of the EABP European Association for Body Psychotherapy 

I am a full member of:

UKCP and EABP are organisational members of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)