Development consultancy to groups & organisations

Carmen Joanne Ablack


My background, my approach, my skills

I am a development and training specialist with over thirty years experience of supporting development of groups and organisations in the third, statutory and private sectors. I bring an integrative and holistic approach to working with organisations undergoing difficult, often rapid changes and challenges. My approach is to foster a collaborative working relationship with the leaders and senior managers of the organisation and a collegiate engagement with participants from all levels.

I bring an understanding of the competing demands and pressures that can affect the commitment to objectives, and that involve complex strategic decision-making. My experience includes working with senior teams and leaders in education, social service, healthcare and social care sectors as well as being myself an experienced senior manager, trustee, committee and regulatory board chair.

My extensive multi-theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in working with identity dynamics, collaborative partnerships and group processes in organisations, teams and groups informs the consultancy and development work. This includes specialising in equalities and diversity, creative management and leadership, diversity and communication, collaboration with communities, and management of stress - especially with directors and chief executives.

My own capacity as a natural strategist and as an experienced negotiator, mediator and facilitator is brought to my consultancy services and I can offer practical and integrating skills in a diversity of situations including those involving change management, stakeholder management and outcomes delivery.

With a small background in performance, I continue to enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with directors, theatre companies and performers - where I specialise in facilitating participants understanding and working with the emotional meaning of their body-mind in performance. I also hold a particular passion for working with third sector mental health, social care, community-based and performance arts organisations.

My humour, intelligence, passion, compassion and capacity to see small and large pictures at the same time brings a focus to my work with organisations and their leaders that can help to engage and animate others and supports the development of investment by individuals in the work we undertake together. I understand the goodwill of staff and volunteers to be one of the most valuable 'commodities' that an organisation can have and this is something I am keen on helping trustees and other leaders as well as staff and volunteers appreciate about their work and the organisations for which they work.